Why adobe?

(by the architect Carlos J. Rey)

Casa Colibrí Ecolodge was designed in adobe by the architects J.F. Parra and Carlos J. Rey because mud bricks are among the finest of nature’s building materials.

In the opinion of the architects of Casa Colibrí Ecolodge, earth, in the form of adobe bricks, combined with plaster applied using natural textures and colors, is the ideal building material for the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

The idea behind this design is to conserve Andean identity through our regional architecture. Earth, molded into adobe bricks, constitutes an opportunity to design contemporary architecture imbued with the typical Andean character of the Sacred Valley; in this way, our architecture harmonizes with its surroundings to such a degree that it enriches the landscape in which it is set.

Adobe walls offer the possibility of maintaining pleasant room temperatures through the way in which they retain the heat of the day at night, or protect from the sun during the day.

At the same time, thick mud brick walls lend rooms a sense of security and well-being.

The residents of Peruvian peasant communities are skilled builders, and by using mud brick today we are conserving an ancestral tradition. Local architecture is remarkable for both its technical skill and the delightful decorative techniques used, which employ plaster also made from the earth, mixed with the juice of the giant “jahuacoyay” cactus to make it more manageable and stop it cracking as it dries.