Environmental assets

With the aim of conserving the ecosystem surrounding Casa Colibrí Ecolodge, a number of environmental assets have been developed to reduce the impact of our activities to the minimum.

Manejo de CompostNon-contamination guarantee.-Our guests can have the guarantee that their stay at Casa Colibrí Ecolodge, does not affect the environment in the slightest. We are committed to the preservation and presentation of our largest house: the Sacred Valley

Tratamiento Aguas GrisesGray water treatment.- The water used in the house’s showers and washbasins is collected and recycled for subsequent use in the gardens. This is made possible by the use of biodegradable cleaning material and other products.

Uso BiodigestoresUse of biodigesters.- We have replaced the septic tanks in which the sewage was stored with biodigesters, which through the use of reagents remove organic residue. This means that no waste filters into the subsoil, ensuring that no harm comes to the water table.

Manejo de CompostRegulation of water in showers.-All our bathrooms have water regulators in the showers. In this way we can use water responsibly and avoid unnecessary waste.

Manejo de CompostSolar lighting in gardens.-We take full advantage of the resources provided by nature, in a responsible and sustainable way; So we have solar panels that allow us to illuminate the gardens during the night.

Manejo de CompostComposting.- As part of our policy to reduce to a minimum the waste produced by the hotel, we have organized a composting system through which all the organic kitchen and garden waste is broken down.

Our compost is broken down into excellent fertilizer with the help of a colony of red Californian worms. Remarkably, a healthy worm can consume and process five times its own body weight in waste.

Our personnel continuously monitor the progress of the compost, checking its pH balance to ensure that the worms are kept healthy, and adding the appropriate quantities of water and ash to control its alkalinity, or orange peel to increase its acidity.

no botellasPlastic Free.- Science has shown us how difficult it is for plastic to degrade. That is why we avoid it as much as possible.

At Casa Colibrí Ecolodge you will not find bottles of water or soda drinks packed in plastic. We provide alkaline water to our guests to fill their canteens.

In the bathrooms and rooms, rubbish bins have paper bags.

We believe that in this way, we influence on the behavior of our guests ad team members.

When our guests are welcomed on their first day with us, they are offered information about the environmental practices we have introduced, to make them more aware of everything we do to care for the environment through our sustainable practices.